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Electromagnetic valve main categories - MOHE CYLINDER
Solenoid valve - MOHE CYLINDER
Shanghai vibration led industry co., LTD., professional agents in pneumatic MOHE CYLINDER, in pneumatic was founded in 1971, is located in the coastal open city - ningbo, now the factory covers an area of 9000 square meters, is a professional production of hydraulic pneumatic series of product development for the hydraulic pneumatic complete sets of factory. Main production pneumatic actuators: SU cylinder, DNC cylinder accessories, wholesale, SI cylinder QGB cylinder, MOHE, cylinder lock cylinder, MB cylinder, QGY cylinder, QGKE cylinder, MAL cylinder, cylinder, SDA, SMC cylinder seal cylinder cylinder, a standard cylinder, non-standard cylinder, double cylinder, clamping cylinder, thin cylinder, cylinder, zhejiang ningbo cylinder, cylinder bottle blowing machine, low friction cylinder; Control components: solenoid valve, pneumatic valve, manual valve with a lock, gas source treatment components and all kinds of auxiliary components: QPC threaded through, QPB thread is ?
Tel: 086-21-51699285
Fax: 086-21-51698592
Mob: 13611905823
E-mail: fax@leazn.com
Website: http://www.mohe-cylinder.com
Zip code: 237000
Addr: Baoshan district of Shanghai constant high road 127, lane no. 6, 2202
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Addr:Baoshan district of Shanghai constant high road 127, lane no. 6, 2202  Tel:086-21-51699285    
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